Why Arrolast

The RangeMaster Target Line

ArroLast is a high quality target system manufacturer that specializes in high quality archery and rifle targets. Our target systems are for enthusiasts, target shooters and hunters that are ready for a permanent solution to their target shooting backstop needs.

RangeMaster Archery Targets by ArroLast will outlast any target on the market. We at ArroLast realize that anyone can make this claim but only one can back it up. Due to the durability and year after year consistency of our RangeMaster series targets, many archery target shooters and hunters have preferred ArroLast Targets for practice.

The first Range Master Archery Targets by ArroLast were designed over 20 years ago for archery shops and archery training organizations. Since 1993 we have produced thousands of targets that are being shot all over the world. Now, due to popular demand we have made our targets readily available to hardcore archery enthusiasts all over the world. These targets are a permanent fix for that age old question. How are you going to stop this years practice arrows? How much will I have to spend on a target this year?

You will not have to worry about either of those questions anymore with The Range Master Archery Target by ArroLast. Some Range Master Archery Targets that we have sold to past customers have over 100,000 arrows in them and they are still being used safely. Even with above average use our RangeMaster Archery Targets will allow you to safely practice archery for the next decade or more.

Our heavy duty construct and patented bonding process have eliminated arrows from completely passing through the target creating a safer shooting environment. You will not have to spend your time repacking, restuffing or repairing your target. These targets are tough and durable making it easier to spend your time practicing and not repairing. All you have to do is buy a target, get it set into place and then you get to enjoy shooting for years.

RangeMaster Targets are made in the USA using recycled materials that are bound together using a patented process. Shot after shot the Range Master Archery Target will maintain its integrity allowing you and your friends to practice safely and effectively for years and years. The weather resistant coating that is applied to The Range Master Archery Target makes it ideal for an outdoor target. It will maintain its shape and function for years, even after being exposed to the outdoor elements.

ArroLast Targets can also be shot on two sides for heavy use clubs and ranges although rarely needed for individual shooters.

We guarantee your satisfaction for many reasons:

  • We can stop your arrow without a doubt
  • We can stop your arrow without a doubt year after year
  • We can stop your arrow without a doubt and your buddies arrows year after year
  • You can practice every day year after year and never worry about how your target is holding up