RangeMaster 48


rm48featuredPrice: RangeMaster 48 – $749.99 ordernow | SHIPS FREE! | Lift Gate Deliveries add an additional $200
Dimensions: 48”x48”x16”
Weight: 525lbs
For Field Point Use Only / NO BROADHEADS


  • No Messy Clean Up
  • Eliminate Pass Through Shots
  • Weather Proof
  • Great for teaching novice shooters
  • Easy arrow removal
  • Extremely Long Durability
  • Uses Patented Dura-Coat Protective Technology
  • Can be fitted in our Pioneer Stand

The RangeMaster 48 archery target by ArroLast was originally designed for commercial use by archery pro shops and other Indoor/Outdoor Ranges. This has been the flagship product of ArroLast for 20 years and can still be found on the outdoor practice range at PSE’s Archery School. This target can allow 4 people to shoot vegas style or 5 spot style targets on the same RangeMaster. The RangeMaster is designed to stop any of today’s heaviest and fastest arrows from any bow. The size of this target allows novice shooters and kids the ability to back up and let arrows fly from long distances without fear of missing the target. Not having that fear of losing an arrow and/or missing the target is critical in the mental and physical skill development of a novice shooter. Lost and/or broken arrows are a thing of the past with the RangeMaster 48.

This target is the most durable weather proof target on the market and will take over 100,000 arrows. Using a patented bonding process, the multilayer target is weather proof. This coating allows you to set the target up outside and uncovered for years without it breaking down. You will extend the life of your RangeMaster 48 by covering it and keeping it dry. The RM 48 is a big heavy target that will allow you to leave it outside year round without fear of theft or blowing over. This is a heavy duty commercial target that is now available for consumers. Never worry about how to stop your practice arrows again. All of the RangeMaster Targets by ArroLast are made with 100% recycled material.

Product ships free to most all places in the Continental USA. We will call you if additional shipping charges need to be applied. This product weighs approximately 525 lbs and can be manually moved around by a couple guys. Some people have it delivered to a location with a fork lift and then load it into the back of a pickup truck. Lift gate deliveries will be charge an extra $50.